We make Universal Water Mobility Propulsion Solutions

GoodLife Mobility has developed the world’s first joystick controlled electric water mobility platform. This system enables unprecedented maneuverability for people of all sizes, shapes, and with varying degrees of ability. We design, build, and engineer innovative aquatic propulsion systems for Veterans, children with mobility challenges, sportsmen, and families. We’re developed the marine equivalent of an electric powered wheelchair, and its a true game changer for water mobility. Our dual thruster propelled electric modular unit paired with our unique inflatable disk with deck traction, offer new modalities for exciting and meaningful aquatic activities.

Our solutions enable vets with missing limbs mental trauma, and depression to cruise around with friends and family, perhaps with recreational therapists, and with a degree of mobility that is phenomenal. We’ve found that veterans love our joystick controlled system in the sitting, kneeling, or standing posture for everything from calming tranquil meditation to fishing bass ponds, and even a to transport kids, supplies, and beer coolers to their partners.

Our Veteran Disk is available in styles and patterns that reflect the importance of control, stability, and sensitivity, and our staff has worked hand in hand with veterans with diverse backgrounds, and with varying degrees of combat caused mobility challenge, and we’re about providing these vet’s with a wet and fun pathway to aquatic independence. No matter what their physical condition, we believe our system can be formatted, tricked out, and customized to provide to meet individual needs. Our goal is to innovate super affordable water focused adaptive equipment that is 100% inclusive, intuitive, and impactful for Vets and their families.

We have been perfecting this technology for 8 years and working with VA Recreation Therapists to deploy our solutions in the friendly environment of VA hospital pools. From there Vets can experience marine fun in their local lakes, rivers, bays, and estuaries.

We have another goal that is close to our hearts. There are so many children across the country that are tested by mobility challenges. We aim to deliver groundbreaking systems to children with special needs, injury recovery, and other conditions so that they can enter any water situation and feel great about the experience. Our inflatable LillyPAD Disk System has been designed with children uses in mind, and we are confident that our product is well suited to the needs of both children with special needs and their parents in mind, but also their therapists and doctors. The activities, exercises, and adventurous activities that are possible on the LillyPAD are real game changers, and will open new creative uses for our special kids. We hope to build strong relationships with organizations serving the adaptive community, and we will continue to lead the way with our innovative devices and technologies for marine propulsion.

Our team of dedicated designers, engineers, and advocates are located near the harbor in Redwood City, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. We develop our systems in our laboratory, rein custom parts in our machine shop, and test precision electronics and propulsion systems in our test tank. We prototype working models to test viability, and then when satisfied we test our equipment nearby on the S.F. Bay, in VA swimming pools, or in the Pacific Ocean. We hold demonstrations, and supervised water excursions in various locations and at marine events. Please contact us for more information about or LillyPAD and VET-Disk systems, and we are available to show our systems by scheduling an appointment. We’re excited to continue expanding our influence in the electric marine mobility space, and provide the adaptive community with cutting edge devices and systems.

You can help the VA better serve our physically challenged Vets!