Our Current Veteran Objectives
   GLM current focus is to serve the disabled veteran population with our unique technology and provide this service at the lowest cost possible and still maintain high quality. In order to be successful we are also aware of the importance of strong media presence and outreach, so that is an objective. GoodLife Mobility was founded by a veteran and most key staff members are veterans. As an additional objective we want to provide jobs for veterans and where ever and when ever possible.

Innovative Technology adaptable to existing platforms
   The essence of our technical solution for adaptive water sports is a lightweight, efficient, electric jet drive train which provides power assist to platforms such as Kayaks, Canoes, and Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards.
   Our initial approach was to integrate our power train into existing water craft by adding water propulsion units to the body of the craft and this required extensive work and modification of those crafts.
   Now we have pivoted to a Differential Electric Propulsion System ( DEPS) approach that works well with Kayaks and Canoes and we see a path to integrate the DEPS system into SUP as well. This DEPS system features differential steering, pivoting, braking, and unprecedented maneuverability.
   The two quiet and clean electric motors go on either side of the craft as pictured above. This approach combined with open access of installation methodologies as well as an affordable price for the technology puts GLM in a unique position to reach a large population of disabled veterans.