Enabling Adaptive Kids Water Mobility

At GoodLifeMobility we believe that each and every child should have the opportunity to enjoy the water, nature, and engaging activities. Our mission for mobility challenged children is to provide our Disk system for use in a therapeutic environment, to enhance aquatic activities and provide new modalities of health and wellness.


We believe in inclusive water activities and a level playing field. Our Disk system has been designed and engineered, with expert input form adaptive athletes like Jesse Billauer and Spike Kain, to be an optimal platform for recreational therapy and marine adventure. Riders can maneuver confidently and feel the positive benefits of engaging in water activities.


By offering sensitive joystick control and efficient dual thruster propulsion, the Disk can enable children with all types of physical, emotional, cognitive, and mental challenges to have fun on the water. We have found that kids of all shapes and sizes, with a variety of challenges, enjoy cruising around in pools, lakes, and harbors. With the Disk they can practice balancing, spinning, and executing maneuvers that assist motor function, posture, limb control, building confidence, and training for core strength.


Being able to benefit from the positive effects spending time on the ocean or in man made bodies of water,  is an essential part of a complete wellness program. We strive to deliver life changing technologies and systems, to enable the adaptive community to discover new ways of enhancing recreational and therapeutic activities.