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Who We Are

Good Life Mobility is a Bay Area based non-profit organization that has a commitment to creating and providing access to the most advanced water mobility tools that can help people of any ability level get out on the water. We're a team of talent thought leaders with a passion for innovation, and for helping people to enjoy water mobility.

What We Believe

We believe that our technologies and device system leads the industry and is one of the most accessible water mobility systems. We believe in catering to everyone, and being as inclusive as possible. We do this by involving challenged athletes in every step of the development process and taking in feedback from mobility challenged individuals every step of the way.

We believe that by harnessing the experiences we can have out on the water we can have massive mental, physical, and spiritual benefits.

Our Goal

We feel that solo and social activities out on the water are some of the most powerful experiences that we can have. We want to provide access to everyone, and make the oceans, lakes, rivers, and all bodies of water accessible to people of all ages, ability levels, and with any type of mobility challenge. We strive to develop tools and systems that are universal, and allow users to explore, be creative, and get stoked.

Origin Story

Hi, my name is Dainuri Rott and I am a baby boomer, an engineer, and a surfer. Growing up around the ocean I've always had a passion for the waves, and as an engineer I have a lasting love for cutting edge technology. As I've aged I found that when I was out surfing I was running out of paddle power and missing lots of waves. With a determined engineering approach I decided to merge my passions and build a “hybrid” surfboard that was powered by both paddling and an electric jet drive that could be engaged with the push of a button. It worked, and I caught more waves!

In 2009, I led a team of engineers that built a surfboard controlled by a throttle-only joystick, but a big issue arose: how could you turn around and catch more waves, the simple maneuver that every surfer must master? That insight led to my obsession with steering. In 2012, under the auspices of Good Life Mobility, we were awarded a grant from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to build a surfboard with dual-axis joystick steering and throttle control. Nine months after the grant was permitted, and with hundreds of hours of volunteer labor and support from individuals like legendary Mavericks surfer Jeff Clark, we build a very excellent jet powered surf craft for adaptive surf pioneer Jesse Billauer.

The steering was great, but yet again a big issue arose: the system was simply too complicated and expensive. Our goal all along had been to build something simple and affordable that anyone could use. And we wanted to get this new technology to people who needed it, especially veterans, people with paralysis, and other people recovering form injury to get them out in the water and benefiting from exciting and fun activities.

Fast forward again and now we have developed the Electronic Stand Up Paddleboard (E-SUP). With our innovative patented design, it has taken expense out of the original and made it the pragmatic adaptive solution for surf and flat water. We've also continued working with amazing adaptive athletes as our test pilots, veteran groups, and people of all ages and ability levels. We've come to see that all types of people enjoy the easy set up of our system, and that it is enabling fun for many creative uses. We stay true to our roots in helping mobility challenged communities, but also embrace the fact that our universal system is an exciting water mobility system that anyone can engage with.

Cowabunga, Dainuri