Our Dedicated Team of Volunteers
Massimilliano-and-GLM-CrewGoodLife Mobility operates with the help of a solid team of volunteers. With a range of diverse backgrounds we're able to work together and with adaptive athletes to help solve mobility problems and to get back out on the water. Our volunteer staff is always seeking to learn from the adaptive community, and contribute to events, fundraisers, and activities in impactful and meaningful ways.
Looking to volunteer your time to GLM? WE need support for various positions and also at events.
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Dainuri Rott
Dainuri is an inventor and developer of electric power-assisted propulsion methods with an emphasis on elegance, simplicity, and state-of-the-art technology and construction. He brings 30+ years of electro-mechanical, fluids and production engineering experience. Dainuri holds a BA in Physics and an MSEE from UC Berkeley. Dainuri is a veteran who served in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War era.

Merrill "Madon" Snell


Since 2009, Merrill has developed and built a large number of electric powered units. This includes motor design, batteries, mounting systems, fabrication methods and testing apparatuses. He created Dual Jets Marine’s in-house 3D-printing department, currently six units. Merrill manages all production to ensure that all components work as promised. Merrill has 35 years of experience of hands-on building, mechanical and all-around quality control vision. Merrill shown in front of his six 3D printers.

While at GLM Zaw has seen more hours working on CAD and behind the soldering iron than most people see in a life time. Zaw's mastery of technical design has helped GLM immensely during our research and development campaigns, as well as the current design refinement phase. We see Zaw as a "do anything" shop tech who has a passion for solving problems, and discovring innovative sollutions. In addition, he’s written procedures for our operations manual. Zaw got his BSME from UCLA . When not at Goodlife Mobility, he is studying for an MSME from San Jose State Univeristy. We're looking to get Zaw out on the water more, and have him feeling the stoke that the devices he makes can deliver.


Robert Hanson
As a life long surfer, dedicated waterman, and inspired artist, Robert brings to Goodlife Mobilty a solid sense of exciting possibilities for our organization. Hanson received his MFA in Industrial Design from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he excelled at user experience storyboards, product sketching, model making, brand and marketing development, and product ergonomic ideation. Since then he has made solid contributions to design projects at Special Projects Agency, CCD Innovation, Samsung, and Highway1. Hanson has a very empathetic and human centered design approach, and helps to problem solve in all aspects of GLM, our device ecosystem, and our message. Robert has lived overseas in the Caribbean and Hawaii, and loves exploring new cultures, exciting locations, and epic surf.

Fernanda Castelo


Fernanda Castelo used to dance at Disney Entertainment. She then went through something that temporarily took her mobility. Now she advises companies world wide on mobility including WHILL, Ekso Bionics, and the LifeGlider Project. She mentors engineering and design students at Stanford and above all, she loves to get out on the water any way that she can (with sailing #1). We’re honored to have her part of the GoodLife Mobility team.