Jesse Billauer Adaptive Surf


At the age of 17, a month after turning pro, Jesse Billauer had a life changing accident while surfing 6-8 ft Zuma Beach. Jesse broke his 6th vertebrae in his neck, and instantly became paralyzed. Doctors told him he would never surf again, but he had different plans.

Jesse has a high level of determination, and with the help of friends and family he has generated techniques to get back out in the water and on to waves. Jesse is a pioneer of adaptive surfing, a motivational speaker, and a leader in the adaptive sports world.

Good Life Mobility has been working with Jesse since 2007, when Dainuri built him what was potentially the worlds first joystick controlled surfboard. Since then there have been many test runs, new models, wild surf sessions, and incredible creative collaboration to help refine the board and device for Jesse.