Goodlife Mobility has a strong belief that an active lifestyle in meaningful outdoor activities is a gateway to health and happiness. We strive to develop new modalities for people to explore oceans, lakes, and rivers because we have seen the stoke that is possible, and we want to provide access to that for everybody.

We have also seen the challenges that people struggle with, whether it be a debilitating injury, quadriplegia or paraplegia, brain trauma or ptsd, mobility struggles we're born with, or just the general troubles of aging. We have made a strong point to involve people with mobility challenges into our research and development programs, and have heard amazing things in the feedback about our device ecosystem and what it can do for people. When we say the device is designed for everybody, we really mean it.

The devices are designed and engineered to be formatted to any existing SUP, kayak, or longboard. In this sense you can take your existing equipment and strap on our system, and you'll be joystick controlled and jet thruster propelled in just a few minutes. We designed the interface of the joystick to be very easy to use, intuitive, and effective and we are confident that as the devices and technologies evolve, the creative uses we will see from our users will be impressive.

We look at the ocean and other bodies of water as places of creativity, meditation, challenge, excitement, fun, and relaxation. While we know that our device ecosystem is a technological solution to water mobility, and is enabling for people with mobility challenges, we have no illusions that there are still challenges to be overcome. We feel safety is essential in approaching water activities, and while we feel our devices open doors and level the playing field, they should be used responsibly and with care and respect. We also feel that while water activities and use of our system is exciting, it should be used in conjunction with responsible handlers and spotters, especially when in the surf zone.

Essentially Goodlife Mobility believes that human wellness means being courageous, enthusiastic, and active. We feel our device is an effective tool to get moving on the water and harvest the energy for positive benefits to body, mind, and spirit.


We've explored a way of using our joystick controlled propulsion system for people who may prefer to ride prone. This use may be on flat water or in the surf. Adaptive surfers with paraplegia or quadriplegia, people with amputations, or individuals with limited range of motion may find this mode of adaptive sports to be very rewarding. We've worked with pioneering adaptive surfers like Jesse Billauer and Sean Ryan, who've tested our equipment, and given positive feedback about the exciting maneuverability, steady speed, and ease of use. For prone riders, this jet thruster assistance and joystick steering can open new doors in adaptive sports.


As we have engaged with potential users of our system, and have put it into many peoples hands to be tested, we've found that the sitting position is a good option for adaptive water mobility. We've strapped seats to SUP boards, and wheelchair cushions to paddle boards, and what we have found is that peoples preferences vary based on their own strength, posture needs, and how they want to engage in the activity. We feel our system can be formatted to fit any seated position, and can enhance adaptive wave ski set-ups, SUP's with seats, or other innovative sitting scenarios.


We've heard time and time again during our testing that our system would be great for families, children, and groups in general. We've done a great deal of successful testing with these scenarios and have had middle school kids, tandem teams, and father son duo's on our gear and the positive feedback is immense. The fun factor for families and groups is really high with our system.