Brad and his daughter Amy drove down to Foster City     from Marin on a beautiful day in July 2018 to vet and test the GoodLife Mobility (GLM) Jet Pod.

GLM had 4 major goals for the session:

  1. Introduce Brad and Amy to the Jet Pod and the GoodLife Mobility team.
  2. Test the vital process of transfers: from wheelchair to Jet Pod, then back from Jet Pod to wheel chair. (Happily Brad was riding his beach wheel chair that went right into the water, expediting the transfer process.)
  3. Determine if Brad was able to paddle the Jet Pod based on GLM’s proprietary Gyro stabilization process. (Yes, that worked well.)
  4. Test performance and operation for both the seated and supine positions with a goal of  understanding the trade-offs between the two modalities.   (Brad tested both and said that for a surf craft, he would prefer supine.)

The video on the left gives the details.

 GLM will continue to test and evaluate our products with Brad and we are working to get Brad back out into the waves  surfing.

 Dainuri for the GLM team.