Here at GoodLife Mobility we are obsessed with land to water transfers for folks in wheel chairs.

 Why? because a smooth transfer process is essential for marine adaptive / assistive equipment.

What is that process? — from wheel chair to water craft (a land can be transfer is easier) and from terrestrial bound craft into the water.    Then the process in reverse, from water back to land and back to wheel chair.

 In the session with Gigi we were testing two major innovations:

  1. Low build cost rubber inner tube construction for the round mobility device we are calling The Jet Pod.   (We have dubbed this embodiment “The Jet Tube.”)
  2. The transfer process including our simple 8 wheeled dolly that we built to get the Jet Tube into the water and back out again.

As one can see in the video, the transfer proceeded in 4 steps.

  1. The on land transfer from wheel chair to Jet Tube (in this case Gigi was able largely able to use her own power to facilitate that transfer.)
  2. The Jet Tube, already on the dolly, was successfully rolled down a boat ramp into the water.
  3. Excursion complete, the dolly was re-positioned under the Jet Tube and Jet Tube with Gigi was returned to terra firma.
  4. Gigi, again largely under her own power, was able to transfer back onto her chair.

 We were very happy with the results of this test and Gigi’s testimonial speaks for itself.

 Dainuri for the GLM team.